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The second in our series of training days which includes child development, tough passages and teaching Christ from the Old Testament.

Tea/Coffee included, bring your own packed lunch.

Session 1: Get REAL with Children (two-part session)

Children are not simply mini-adults! They’re in the process of developing into adults and they, therefore, have rapidly changing abilities. If they are going to be taught effectively these abilities must be taken into account. Explore the differences between children and adults so that you can adapt your teaching style to hit the spot – every time! The first session deals with the intellectual, emotional and physical development of children. The second session is dedicated to understanding their spiritual development.

Session 2: Get REAL with Tough Passages

Get to grips with teaching some of the really difficult (perhaps even gruesome) passages of the Bible to children of all ages.

Session 3: Get a REAL in Pointing to Jesus

How do you teach the Old Testament as God’s Word about Jesus rather than a Jewish history book? Learn to teach Jesus while teaching the Old Testament faithfully and with integrity.


Venue: Emmanuel Baptist Church – Hall Lane, Horsforth, LS18 5JE (Link)


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